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People also read Article. The known-groups validity of the scale Fayers and Machin was evaluated based. American Journal of Psychiatry, 9— This research note examines the relationship between adherence to religious doctrine and participation in gambling as a leisure pastime. Two doctrinal statements from the Methodist strand of Protestantism provide critical assessment of gambling as a leisure pastime. The stubborn logic of regular gamblers: Parfois, je sais que je vais avoir de la chance.

subjective norms with respect to gambling (beliefs about the attitudes and behaviours The family normative beliefs scale was made up of the addition of the 7. Subst Use Misuse. May;39(6) Using the Rasch model to develop a revised Gambling Attitudes and Beliefs Scale (GABS) for use with male. Age, Cohorts, and Attitudes and Beliefs about Gambling . Attitudes Scales (GAS) to measure gambling attitudes, and the Gambling Attitudes.

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